Download the latest NVIDIA drivers for GeForce, Titan, Quadro and Tesla series for all operating systems. Game Ready drivers for the best gaming experience and Studio drivers for faster graphics applications.
The driver search engine will help you find the required NVIDIA driver in a few clicks.

Selection and search of all NVIDIA GeForce and Quadro drivers, indicating the exact parameters and information about your system. Archived drivers (previous versions) are also displayed.

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For use by the system, select the type of product: video cards GeForce, TITAN, Quadro or other type, select product series, such as series GeForce RTX 30 or Quadro RTX. Next, select the video card or product model, operating system, driver language, driver type (DCH or standard), as well as the type of download:

  • GeForce Game Ready driver
  • NVIDIA Studio Driver
After that, click on the button "Find driver" to display a list of available drivers for the selected parameters, with information about the name of the driver, its version and release date.
Drivers are available for the following operating systems: Windows 11 64-bit, Windows 10 32/64-bit, Windows 8.1/8 32/64-bit, Windows 7 32/64-bit, Windows Vista 32/64-bit, Windows XP 32/64-bit, as well as Linux 32/64 bit, Solaris and FreeBSD for all GeForce Series (all GeForce GTX and all GeForce RTX GPUs), TITAN, Quadro (all Quadro series and Quadro RTX GPUs) including all mobile graphics cards (for laptops), professional products and other products such as: NVS, Tesla, GRID, 3D Vision, ION and Legacy series.

What is a video card driver for?

Installing a graphics card driver is an important step in ensuring that your graphics card and all associated applications work properly. The video card driver is special software that allows the operating system to communicate with the video card. It ensures the functioning of the video card, optimizes its performance and improves image quality. Also, the video card driver may provide additional features such as support for additional monitors, video capture, etc.

In general, installing a video card driver is necessary to ensure that the video card works correctly and improves its performance and image quality.